Crochet Machine-B8

*Double arm transmission needle plate.*Maximum bandridth up to 300mm.
*Adoption of foreign-built enclosedbearings and rubber rollers as well as needle bed;
*Scientific in structure, small in vibration,low
in noise,easy to adjust and operate;
*Strictly comply with international standards
on noise of electric parts and safety of operation


Special for weaving elastic and non-elastic ribbon likelace, hem ribbon, decorative ribbon, mask cord, eyeletsribbon, waist band, bandage, fancy band, and lattice cord,which are widely used for garment, home textiles, medicalappliances, auto and so on.

Technical Data
Warping Breadth:30inch(762mm) Needle Number:Needles perinch(optional for 10/12/14/15/16/18/20) Weft Guide Bar:3bars
Max. Breadth of Fabric:70mm Motor Power:1.5KW Speed:1500 rpm
Fabric Width/Number:

     4mm        10mm       15mm         20mm         25mm     30mm        40mm        50mm       60mm          70mm          300mm
108(pcs)       54(pcs)    36(pcs)     30(pcs)       24(pcs)    19(pcs)     15(pcs)      12(pcs)        10(pcs)        9(pcs)           2(pcs)


Net Weight ofWeaving Unit:800kg

Net Weight of Yarn Feding Unit:120kg
Packing Size ofWeaving Unit:1600x1050x1600mm
Packing Size of Yarn Frame:2600x150x150mm


Auto StoppageSystem forYarn Breaking      1(Set)
Frequency-variableSpeedControlSystem     1(Set)
Self-stoppagesvstem forAbnormal Winding  1(Set)
Auto OilCirclingSvstem       1(Set)
Tri-rollerFeedingSvstem forElastic Material    2(Sets)
Double-edge WindingSvstem forFinishedProduct   1(Set)
SteelReed forWarp andWeft       1(Set)
StopIndicator     1(Piece)
YamFrame200-position and 4position Pan Head Frame(Optional   1(Set)

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