KBL16-1-240 Braiding Machine


KBL16-1-240 rope braiding machine


This machine is reasonable in design, small in area, convenient in operation, large in capacity of bobbin, high in output, adjustable in pitch (gear or servo motor). Machine have auto-stop motion, Inverter has various functions, can count meters, adjust speed, set current protection, record production time and set output. This machine can be equipped with rubber feeder or cross winding system or spool packing system. All machines accept OEM.


Mainly suitable for braiding climbing rope, safety rope, bungee cord, soldiers rope, the rope for military, trailer rope, fitness rope, rope for tent, traction rope, sports rope, clothes line, etc.

material use

PP, Polyester, PE, HDPE, Cotton, Nylon, Dyneema, etc.


Rope sample picture

Rope sample picture

Rope sample picture

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Machine Parameters

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