KBL12-300 Conductive Band Braiding Machine


KBL12-300 Conductive Braiding Machine-2


Features: The braiding machinery is functional, including meter counter, auto stop motion, recording, motor overload protection during production, and can bebraiding with a variety of materials by replacing the spindles. Multiple configurations are available and can be customized to meet a wide range of braiding needs.Various yarns, fiberglass, carbon fiber, asbestos, graphite, and various composite materials


his series machines are mainly for braiding: communications cable, signal cable, USB cable, high temperature wire,insulation wire, iron wire, special cable, Rice cooker power cable, conduction band, shielded cable, control cable ,shielding layer of cable, coaxical cable, etc

material use:

Copper, aluminum, magnesium wire, tin wire, stainless steel wire and other metal material.PP,PE, FIBERGLASS, Carbon fiber.


Conductive band sample

Conductive band sample


Conductive band sample
Conductive band sample

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