Packing Braiding Machine

Sealing Packing Braiding Machine

Upside-down braiding and original vertical type

2 tracks runing way – 8/12/18/24/32/36 spindle

3 tracks running way-18 spindle

4 tracks running way-24/32/36 spindle


Sealing Packing Braiding Machine

  • For packing braiding ,machine can use all kinds softer theads & yarn.
  • Fiber glass,graphite, PTFE, aramid,Carbon Fibre,etc.


  • Braiding pitch change with stepping motor changing continuously variable.machine have meter counter and stop as setting ,machine have frequency converter ,speed adjust .oil system.
  • Metal type spindle with aluminum oxide type ceramic eyelet,good for all kinds raw material ,keep rags less when braiding.bobbin size:70*192mm.
  • Spring (0.8KG/1.1KG/1.5KG/2.0KG).Spring tension can make as demand.
  • Different make size as model and raw material.
  • Output 30-50m/h.
  • Square,high speed,output 1.5-2 times more.bobbin size 70*280mm

Sealing Packing Braiding Machine Model

Model Track Mark & Shape
8-S2 2 Square
12-S2 2 Square
18-S3 3 Square
24-S2 2 Square
32-S2 2 Square
36-S2 2 Square
24-4S 4 Square
32-4S 4 Square
36-4S 4 Square
18-3SH 3 Square,high speed,output 1.5-2 times more.bobbin size 70*280mm
24-4SH 4
32-4SH 4
Full cover / option item
Windng machine /
Moulding machine /


Fluid Sealing Products compression packing products for chemical plants, oil refineries, food processing, sugar plants, cement plants, and many other industries.
Compression Packing also known as mechanical packing, sealing rope or packing rope is a braided yarn made of graphite, aramid, or PTFE. Blocking agents and other coatings are used in many braided packings to reduce leakage and provide cooling and lubrication during starting of the process. Cut into rings, the braided packing is inserted into a stuffing box and compacted with a bolted gland. The packing expands radially under axial compression, forming a seal between the equipment’s stationary body and the dynamic surface, which is commonly a rotating shaft.

Sealing  Packing Braiding Machine Material Combination Method

Flax Braided Packing ,
Acrylic + Spun Aramid Braided Packing,
PTFE + Expanded PTFE Graphite Braided Packing,
PTFE Graphite + Aramid Core Braided Packing,
PTFE Graphite + Carbon Fibre Core Braided Packing,
Expanded PTFE Graphite + Glass fibre,
PTFE + Expanded PTFE Graphite Braided Packing,
Expanded Graphite + Carbon Fibre Core + Carbon Fibre Corner Braided Ring Set,Expanded PTFE Graphite + Carbon Fibre Braided Packing,
Expanded Graphite + PTFE Graphite + Aramid Braided Ring Set,
Copper Wire Braided Packing,
Expanded PTFE Braided Packing for Plunger Pump Application,
Expanded Graphite + Meta Aramid + PTFE Dispersion
Glass Fibre Braided Packing + PTFE Dispersion + Oil
Glass Fibre Braided Packing + PTFE Dispersion + Graphite + Oil
Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Braided Packing
Graphite Combination Packing Set of Braided End Ring and Moulded Intermediate Rings
Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Braided Packing + Self Adhesive Backing
Expanded Graphite Braided Packing
Expanded Graphite + Carbon Fibre Reinforced Braided Packing
Resilient Hollow Core Packings

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