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Standard Braided Sleeving is a great cable management option for enclosing and protecting cables or bundles of cables from abrasions, liquids, chemicals, and other hazards. Standard types of sleeving, both side entrance and expandable, are included in this section.
Expandable sleeving expands to allow you to feed cables and wires through during installation, then contracts to adapt to the basic diameter and shape of your cables. This is useful for handling oddly shaped portions of your bundles, and it’s a more secure solution than many side access sleeves.

Easy installation is made possible by side entry braided sleeving, which allows you to wrap cables, hoses, and wires for optimal ease. Unwrapping the cables makes it simple to add and remove them. Our F6 and PET wraps have a semi-rigid design that adds an extra layer of flexibility for a clean and quick application. Standard braided cable sleeving is an ideal choice for cable management in the home, office, or industrial applications.


Expandable vs. Side Entry Split Wrap Braided Sleeving
Braided sleeving is an excellent cable management solution that keeps wires and bundles of cables tidy while also protecting them from abrasion. While all varieties have a woven fiber weave, there are numerous variations suitable to different uses and applications. However, whether the sleeving is solid and expandable or divided for side entry is the most important distinction in terms of sleeving types. Let’s look at what distinguishes these two approaches beyond the obvious.

Examples and Applications of Expandable Sleeving

Because the perimeter of expandable braided sleeving is solid, it must be fitted by feeding the wires through it. It’s a fantastic solution for irregularly shaped bundle areas since it extends. It also gives you the assurance that cables will not fall out of the sleeve because it is totally encased. It’s usually less expensive than split-style sleeving, and there are more color options, which can make it easier to distinguish between different bundles.

Sleeving with a Split Side Entry
Split Sleeving Examples
The slit in side entry sleeving, also known as split or wrap-around sleeving, allows the sleeve to be placed by wrapping it around the necessary cables and wires rather than feeding them through it. This simplifies installation compared to expanding sleeving and allows you to avoid bulky connectors and wrap cables without having to unplug them. Individual cables and wires can escape at any point along the run due to the split nature of the sleeving, giving it more mobility than expandable sleeving.

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