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The right braided technique for the future

braiding machine

Technical braids are used in a multitude of operation fields.In the medical industry HENGHUI braiding machines produce mainly very thin braids for sutures, stents and catheters.However, in the automotive industry monofilament sleeves for the assembly or harnesses for trucks and…

Cable Sleeving Solutions

Fiberglass Sleeve Braiding Machine-4

Solutions for Cable SleevingCable sleeving is one of the most attractive and versatile wire management options. We have the sleeving solution for your application, whether it’s wire loom, conduit, braided sleeving, or spiral wrap. Wire loom and conduit provide complete…

Paper Bag Rope Handle Solution

First let us understand the classification of handle rope: Braided handle rope Twisted handle rope Lace handle rope After understanding the classification, let us take a look at the production process of the handle rope and what materials are needed.…

Rope material introduction of climbing rope

Outdoor Climbing Rope Nylon Heavy Duty Static Rope for Rock Climbing,Escape, Rescue, Camping, Caving
Generally, three fisherman knots are used when connecting, or the two ends are stitched together. Although it has shortcomings, its small size, high strength, and light weight are still very suitable for climbing ropes. The new generation of high modulus polyethylene 8 mm braided rope has a strength equivalent to 18 mm nylon rope and only half the weight of nylon rope.
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