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braided fishing line

Production Process of Braided Fishing Line

The Fishnet Weaving Machine: A Detailed Introduction The fishnet weaving machine, also known as the fishing net making machine or the net knitting machine, is a specialized piece of equipment [...]
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braiding machine

The right braided technique for the future

Technical braids are used in a multitude of operation fields.In the medical industry HENGHUI braiding machines produce mainly very thin braids for sutures, stents and catheters.However, in the automotive industry [...]
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Kite line

How is Braided Line Fishing Line made?

Braided lines are made up of a variety of strong and thin fibers braided together. These lines are braided together to create a round line. Kevlar-like materials were employed. They [...]
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Fiberglass Sleeve Braiding Machine-4

Cable Sleeving Solutions

Solutions for Cable SleevingCable sleeving is one of the most attractive and versatile wire management options. We have the sleeving solution for your application, whether it’s wire loom, conduit, braided [...]
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PET Sleeve Braiding Machine

Standard Braided Sleeving Braiding Machine

Standard Braided Sleeving is a great cable management option for enclosing and protecting cables or bundles of cables from abrasions, liquids, chemicals, and other hazards. Standard types of sleeving, both [...]
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Paper Bag Rope Handle Solution

First let us understand the classification of handle rope: Braided handle rope Twisted handle rope Lace handle rope After understanding the classification, let us take a look at the production [...]
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