What is a flame-retardant braided cable sleeving?

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There are many types of braided cable sleeving. In order to improve the protective performance of the braided cable sleeving, flame retardants are added to the production process of the braided cable sleeving to complete the actual flame retardant effect. This kind of flame-retardant braided cable sleeving are gradually being widely used in many fields at this stage. , So what is a flame-retardant braided cable sleeving?

The flame-retardant braided cable sleeving does not mean that the product itself has the characteristics of non-ignition, but it has the effect of blocking ignition, which can prevent the spread of flames to a certain level. The flame retardant grade of the flame-retardant braided cable sleeving at this stage is VW-1 , The flame retardant grade is 28, and its function depends on it can be extinguished within 30S time, and then achieve the purpose of flame retardant.

The difference of flame-retardant braided cable sleeving :

  1. The flame-retardant woven mesh tube is mostly black, because the flame-retardant performance of black woven mesh tube is better than colorful;
  2. The medium-wall thick woven network tube can be distinguished by the chef whether it is flame-retardant, and the semi-hard word in front of the name is non-flame-retardant;
  3. PE braided mesh pipe can be distinguished according to its appearance whether it is flame-retardant or not. The bright surface of the PE braided mesh pipe is non-flame-retardant, and it is only flame-retardant;
  4. Heat-resistant braided mesh pipes with operating temperature ≥150℃ are generally flame-retardant braided mesh pipes.

Main purpose of flame-retardant braided sleeving:

  1. The flame-retardant braided cable sleeving is loaded with 600V working voltage and 125 ℃ standard without short circuit failure. Continuous circuit. At this stage, it is mainly used in the production of flame-retardant cables and wires, and the flame-retardant protection of electronic components. Flame-retardant braided network tubes are used. Protected cables and wires. Electronic components can ensure the smoothness of power engineering and communication cables in the event of a fire accident.
  2. The flame-retardant braided cable sleeving can also be used as the protection of the electric power engineering. The communication line pipeline can prevent the fire from spreading in the event of a fire, avoiding damage to the power engineering. The communication line, its excellent anti-corrosion performance can also be very good Of protective products to increase the service life.

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