Cable Sleeving Solutions

Solutions for Cable Sleeving
Cable sleeving is one of the most attractive and versatile wire management options. We have the sleeving solution for your application, whether it’s wire loom, conduit, braided sleeving, or spiral wrap.

Wire loom and conduit provide complete coverage for cables and wires, shielding them from abrasion, moisture, and the elements.

One of the most common options is braided sleeving, and we provide a wide range of options, including everything from general-purpose PET wrap to high-temperature industrial fiberglass sleeving. From Mylar for primarily cosmetic cable hiding to the incredibly durable Teflon, we offer a wide spectrum of toughness. And everything in the middle! We also provide a variety of tools to assist you in cutting and sealing our various sleeving products. Whether you require computer cable sleeves for your home or business, or customized sleeving for automotive, military, or aerospace applications, we have a sleeve for you.

Spiral wrap not only secures cables and hoses, but also allows wires to enter and exit the system.

Unruly wires are unpleasant on many levels and can cause major difficulties for your cable system as well. Cable sleeving is one of the most efficient ways to organize and protect unruly wires. has a multitude of alternatives for managing your wires and providing considerable wear and tear protection.

Why is it necessary to use cable sleeving?
Wires have a tiny bit of insulation around them since we’d be getting electric shocks and fire hazards left and right if they didn’t. However, the protection that wiring provides isn’t designed to survive the harsh conditions in which wiring is frequently required. Even if the conditions aren’t extreme, sleeving can help your cables last longer by protecting them from abrasion, moisture, temperature variations, and the environment.

Wire Loom & Conduit, Braided Sleeving, and Spiral Wraps are the three forms of cable sleeving we offer. Braided sleeving is one of our most popular things, but we provide a wide range of options in each category. Here’s a little additional information about each of them!

Conduit & Wire Loom
Wire loom tubing is designed to be used indoors to assist organize cords and protect them from wear and tear. Cables are exposed to things like human traffic, abrasion, chemicals like paint and cleansers, and corrosion even in a house or business. Wire loom tubing protects against all of this, and we even have flame retardant kinds available.

Wire loom and conduit are similar, but conduit is utilized in bigger applications where optical, electrical, communication, and low voltage cables must be transported underground or outside over long distances. They are fully enclosed and are typically purchased in bulk.

Sleeving using Braids
Braided sleeving is an excellent solution to protect wires while also adapting to the shape required. They’re simple to install and come in a variety of materials for general-purpose use, including metal, carbon fiber, cloth, heat shrink, Kevlar, Teflon, fiberglass, nylon, and PET.

Because the expanding size allows you to bundle many items together, braided sleeving will help you arrange your wires, cables, and even hoses. They are suitable for use in the home or office, as well as in automobiles, the military, and boats. Many of the versions we carry are flame retardant and can also protect against the elements and various chemicals, depending on your unique needs.

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