Paper Bag Rope Handle Solution

First let us understand the classification of handle rope:

Braided handle rope

braider handle rope
braider handle rope

Twisted handle rope

Lace handle rope

After understanding the classification, let us take a look at the production process of the handle rope and what materials are needed. We will provide you with a one-stop solution service.

Rope handle Production Process

  1. First, the winding machine winds the yarn on the bobbin .
  2. Use braiding machine to produce braided handle rope, twist rope machine to produce twisted rope, loom to produce lace handle rope
  3. Prepare the film with teeth, and use the automatic tipping machine to make the finished handle rope

Detailed of machines and materials

Braided yarn

300D polyester yarn
300D polyester yarn

Generally choose polyester 300D yarn, which has good strength and many colors to choose from. We can also provide you with yarn purchase service.

2 Heads Bobbin Winding Machine

2-Head 90# Fully Automatic Winding Machine
2-Head 90# Fully Automatic Winding Machine

Machine Parameters

Heads :2


Bobbin Series :90


Packing Size:900*640*1140mm
Suit for different yarns:PP,Polyester,nylon,cotton,etc.
machine with touch screen ,PLC system ,have knife to cut tails of yarn when winding .
speed control ,traverse speed control .
5-8sets braiding machine need 1 set winding machine to winding the yarn to bobbin.

Bobbin Winding Machine Video

Handle Rope Braiding Machine

KBL16-4-90 Fishing Net Rope Braiding Machine
KBL16-4-90 Rope Braiding Machine

Machine Parameters

Heads :4     


Product diameter :1-8mm


Capacity:180-350 m/h   

Horn gear size:90     

Bobbin size:47*139mm   

Auto stop system:YES

Speed control: YES

Frequency converter: YES    

weight: 715KG    

Packing Size: 1570*1050*1700mm    

Braiding Machine Video

Handle Rope Twisting Machine


Machine Parameters

Bobbin size :



Best diameter of the rope 1-10mm

Motor 0.75kw

Adopting frequency control ,possess auto-stop system ,wrapped center yarn feeder ,low waste and high production.low wear and tear of spare parts,the work table runs stable,easy to maintain and operate.

Handle Rope Twisting Machine Video

Fully Automatic Tipping Machine

Automatic Tipping Machine
Automatic Tipping Machine

Machine Parameters

I.Machine with frequency converter ,speed adjust,servo system and program control (all use Mitsubishi brand),have touch screen,have sensors,it’s easy for operate.   

II. Output:4000pcs-5400pcs/hour 

III.Tipping knife size 1.8-5.0mm ,machine with one size.

IV.Film holder size confirm as film width machine with one size.

Automatic Tipping Machine Video

Punched Tipping Film

black tipping film
transparent tipping film
Teeth distance10mm12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19mm20mm

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